Social Issues: People Don’t Realize the Deadly Effects of It Until It Gets Personal

The human mind is like a blank sheet. The same sheet might contain useful information and also the hatred words. It depends on upon the way you deal with it. Similarly, a human mind febeing nourished with positivity around turns his visionary. On the other hand, when there is a lot of negativity, the same mind is quite obvious to have the pessimistic perceptions about the life.

Especially, the young minds get easily affected by the negativities of the social turmoil those frequently happen around him in the society. Growing number of youths getting attracted towards terrorism or drugs can be definitely cited as the consequences of the above effects.

Social Issues: More Disastrous Than the Drugs

According to the survey reports of a renowned humanitarian organization, about 95% of teens getting attracted towards ISIS belong to the families with sound wealth conditions. Despite having no scarcity in life, or no one teaching him about similar negativities in the family, these teens get attracted towards the ruinous mindset like terrorism. In short, they get deeply affected by the negatives happen around him in the society. Birth injury attorney Robert Klein says this is unacceptable.

The human mind, especially of the kids and teens has a natural tendency of getting attracted towards negativity. In fact, the human senses are more inclined towards the negativities. It’s like the more you try to refrain a baby from touching the fire, the more it gets excited to touch grit.

The same thing is obvious to continue until the kid realizes about how it feels upon touching the fire. Well, but the social negativities are not the fire; rather these are like the drugs which attract you towards it initially and gradually turns an addict.

Social Issues Turns Kids Unsocial, Kills The Leadership Quality:

The dimension of social issues and its impact is not limited to terrorism. Someone grown under the circumstances of extreme social flaws turns in to a boorish personality. A popular study on introverts suggests that most of these people often have to spend their childhood in a society with a lot of social issues.

They are taught, or they get the perception themselves that not getting socialized is the best option available to avoid the conflicts. These are the people which despite having a great sense of creativity, never manage to do something big. They always get drawn back by their mind through various negativities.

You can’t expect leadership qualities from such personalities. They deeply lack the management qualities and get easily affected by silly reasons. In short, they don’t have the desired patience to confront even the mere negativities of life. Gradually, life appears like a stress and burden to them.

What’s Thfre Solution?

It’s a fact that social issues are not going to be healed in a magical fashion. Since inception, there have been the negativities. It’s impossible for each day to go the same way you wish.
Every parent must teach these things to the kids, not literally, but they being the real role models.

For the same, the parents and the teachers need to be brave first. Instead of giving the literal advises, and moreover, instead of simply staying away from the social issues, they must be the first to confront being exemplary. Or, they can at least highlight such positive efforts. Read more on birth injury here: